Research on the Effects of International R&D on Carbon Productivity in China: Empirical Study Based on Dynamic Panel

Dawei Gao, Haisong Nie, Marina Takeyasu


At present, nearly 70% of the world's new increase carbon dioxide emission comes from China. Technology is the key power to develop low-carbon economy. Because of the shortage of independent R & D and the relative backwardness of low-carbon technology, Chinese need developed countries’ R&D capital and advanced technology to promote low-carbon technologies. Based on the panel data from Chinese 30 provinces from 2001 to 2014 and dynamic panel model, this paper researchs on the effects of international R&D on regional carbon productivity in China. The empirical results show that, the technology spillover effect of FDI and import trade can improve carbon productivity, and imported technology contracts play a positive role on carbon productivity, but not significant. There is a significant positive correlation between independent R&D and carbon productivity. Finally, the corresponding policy is put forward according to the conclusions


International R & D; technology spillover; carbon productivity

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