Implementation of the Theory of Terri L. Fauber on Various Tube Voltage (KV) and Current (mAs) on Radiographic Density

I. Musdalifah, S. Suryani, N. Rauf


Research has been conducted to determine the radiographic density value resulting from tube voltage variation (kV) and current time strength (mAs) with 15% rule. The method used in this research is descriptive method with direct experiment. The study used tubular (kV) and strong current time times (mAs) with a 15% rule of 60 kV 10 mAs, 51 kV 20 mAs, 69 kV 5 mAs, 80 kV 6 mAs, 68 kV 12 mAs and 92 kV 3 mAs . Instead of the object is a step wedge. The results of this study can be concluded that the density value with the use of 15% rule on radiography is no difference.


Tube Voltage, Strong Flow and Exposure Time, Density, Rule 15%

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