The efficacy of multy-enzymes supplementation on low energy corn-soybean meal basal diet containing rice bran on growth performance of broilers

Catootjie Lusje Nalle, Marlin Rambu Kuba Yowi


High energy diet is related to high feed cost. Thus, it is essential to reduce energy diet but still support the good performance of birds. The utilization of low cost- feed ingredients combined with enzymes are the alternative way to do. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of multy-enzyme supplementation on growth performance of broilers fed low energy basal diets containing rice bran. Experiment 1. The apparent metabolizable energy (AME) assay of yellow corn and rice bran. A total of 48 broilers were randomly distributed to 12 cages (4 birds/cage). A maize-soybean meal basal diet (mash form) was formulated and two assay diets were then developed by substituting rice bran (raw 250 g kg-1, w/w) and maize (500 g kg-1, w/w) of the basal diet. Total excreta collection method was used. The results showed that the AME value of rice bran was significantly lower (2032 kcal/kg DM) and 3112 Kcal/kg DM. Experiment II. The experiment was designed using a completely randomized design with four treatments and six replications. A total of 160 DOC (unsex) were randomly distributed to 16 pens (10 birds/pen). The experimental diets were iso-nitrogenous and iso-energetics. The results show that dietary treatments significantly affected (P0.05) FCR and mortality of broilers. Broilers fed P2, P3 and P4 diets had higher (P0.05). In conclusion, 1) the supplementation of enzymes in low energy diets containing rice bran improved BWG and FI but not FCR and mortality. 2) Birds fed rice bran-containing-diets supplemented with enzymes produced similar growth performance.


Broilers; low energy diets; rice bran; enzymes; growth performance

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