Architectural Composition in the Design of Public Space

T Martosenjoyo


In architectural composition, amphitheater  is a focal point which in addition serves as the center of attention, also acts as a binding on the masses. On the design of the UNHAS campus in Gowa, the amphitheater that acts as the focal point. Aside from being a focal point, this amphitheater is a public open space, where campus people meet can meet and carry out social interactions outside the classroom or during class hours. In practice, the amphitheater has not fully succeeded in carrying out this function. This article discusses how the ideas and concepts of amphitheater visual design at the Faculty of Engineering Unhas Gowa as a public space and what inhibits it as a public space so that it does not function optimally. The results of this study are expected to explain and understand the role of amphitheater architectural composition on the success of its function as a public space at the Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, and can be used to reconstruct the composition of the amphitheater design.



composition; place; public; private; space; visual

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