Supply and Demand Model of Construction Materials in Mamminasata Metropolitan Area, South Sulawesi

Anas V A, Ramli M, Ilyas A


Mamminasata Metropolitan Area is the urban area which consists of Makassar City, Takalar Regency, Gowa Regency, and Maros Regency. The acceleration of economic growth and economic structural changing in Mamminasata Metropolitan Area will affect intensity of construction materials supply and demand. The concept of supply and demand is the important concept of modern economy. Construction materials have many application as the major raw material in making up road-building and construction industries. Some dependent variables affect the trend level of supply and demand, so this research aims to (1) determine dependent variables of construction materialssupply and demand, (2) establish supply and demand model.  Data were obtained from Central Bureau Statistics of Gowa Regency, Maros Regency, Takalar Regency, and Makassar City, and Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of South Sulawesi Province for twelve years (2004 – 2015).  In this research, correlation among construction materials supplyand demand and dependent variables were modelled using multiple regression analysis.  The results showed that supply and demand of construction materials have weak relationships with their dependent variables.


supply-demand; multiple regression; construction materials; dependent variables; independent variables

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