Optimization of Herbal Dryer System Based on Smart Fuzzy and Internet of Thing (IOT)

Heriansyah Heriansyah(1), I Istiqphara(2), N. Adliani(3),

(1) Electrical Engineering, Institute of Technology Sumatra, Indonesia
(2) Pharmacy Department, Institute of Technology Sumatra, Indonesia
(3) Pharmacy Department, Institute of Technology Sumatra, Indonesia
Corresponding Author


The herbal medicine industry is currently growing rapidly with increasing public interest in herbal medicine in Indonesia. Medicinal plant dryers have been developed but are still using conventional methods. Proper drying method is very influential on the content of active ingredients found in plants. Each type of plant has a different response, there are some plants that are sensitive to direct sunlight and temperatures that are too high and some are not. This research will take part in producing an adaptive medicinal plant dryer product with the help of a microcontroller that will be used for the herbal medicine industry. In addition, with an intelligent system based on the Internet of Thing (IoT), this tool can be monitored and controlled remotely so that it can make it easier for users to know the current conditions of herbs that are being dried in order to get effective and efficient drying results. This research is expected to improve the quality of medicinal plants in accordance with the needs of the herbal medicine industry to produce good quality drugs according to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Natural resources, Internet of Things (IoT), smart temperature control, fuzzy PID, Herbal Dryer system

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