Experimental Study on Precast Buton Asphalt Pavement Panel Strengthened with Geogrid

Sunaryo Mulyo, Herman Parung, Rudy Djamaluddin, Ahmad Bakri Muhidin


Precast buton asphalt panels having the same characteristics with the characteristics of the massive asphalt can be used as an alternative method for the use of the asphalt pavement as an effort to simplify and reduce of implementation errors, so that it can increase the attractiveness of the use of buton asphalt. The experimental programs were conducted at the Civil Engineering Laboratory, Hasanuddin University. Testing of materials namely asphalt, coarse and fine aggregate were conducted to obtain the characteristics of each material. The next phase of the tests was carried out on various mixtures of the mix asphalt concrete (AC-WC) to obtain the optimum bitumen content to be used for determining the panels. Testing on panels with the size of 40 x 30 cm with a varying thickness was conducted at the final stage. The experimental results show that the use of geogrid is able to raise the buton asphalt panel's ability to withstand a static load and increase the flexibility of the panel. The most effective panel was found for a panel with a thickness of 5 cm. It can not only increase the maximum static load bearing capability but also increase in the maximum deflection before collapse


Buton Aspal, Precast, Panel, Geogrid

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