Behavior Study of Three-Side-Supported Floor Deck Sytem Slab

B. A. Ampangallo, E. Wijaya, F. Fauzan, H. Parung, A. A. Amiruddin


The purpose of this research is to observe the ultimate strength between conventional slab and floor deck supported at three side, the other side was not supported, and subjected to monotonic loading at the center of the slab. This research used four slabs, two conventional slabs, one Alkadeck type floor deck, and one ISD type floor deck. Slabs were casted in size of 1800x1600mm with 120mm thickness. Conventional slabs were reinforced in two way, using ϕ10 with space of 100mm in negative moment area. While floor deck system slabs were using M6 wire mesh in positive moment area. Load speed was 0,03mm/s. Load was centered to 200x200mm steel plate at the center of the slab. The results found that floor deck system slab decrease flexural strength by 51.6% for Alkadeck and 61.62% for ISD, but increase ductility by 99.32% for Alkadeck and 64.86% for ISD. Steel Strain gauge showed that at floor deck system slab, the steel deck was more brittle and had longer strain hardening compared with steel bar in conventional slab. While on Concrete strain gauge, concrete at floor deck system slab showed sudden increasement in strain before it fails.


Floor deck, two way slab, three-side-supported, deflection, strain

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