Deviation Value of CTDI100 for Phantom Regional Territories by Using Chamber Ionization Detector

R. Ali, B. Abdullah, D. Tahir


Determining CTDI100 and CTDI100 deviation values at the central and side region of the phantom by using head protocols have been performed as CT-Scan test parameters. Methods and materials of Axial CT scanning are used at the head phantom that contains a chamber ionization detector. The head phantom is a PMMA given a hole in the middle of the phantom, the top side (clockwise 12), right side (clockwise 3), bottom side (clockwise 6) and left side (clockwise 9). Head phantom has 16 cm of diameter and 15 cm of length. In this study, to determine the comparison of CTDI100 values at the phantom center against all sides phantom against CTDI100 factory baseline values. The result shows that the comparison of CTDI100 at the top side is highest value about 26.87 mGy and the smallest at the bottom side about 25,15 mGy. On the right side is 26.12 mGy, on the left side is 25.92 mGy, and at the center is 25.84 mGy. For smaller deviations at the center is 9.82% compared to other phantom sides, the highest deviation value at the bottom side is 12.83% while at the top side is 12.05%, at right side is 11.65% and at the left side is 11.72 %, but this deviation value is still within the tolerance limit of ≤ 20%.


CTDI, Phantom Head, Ionization Detector Chamber

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