VisSim Based Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Diesel and Wind Power Generation

Syafaruddin Syafaruddin, D. C. Kartika, G. Lumba, Gassing Gassing, S. Latief


Energy demand pattern in Indonesia continues to increase due to the population growth, economic growth and behavior of energy consumption. Meanwhile, the availability of fossil energy as the main source of energy is very limited and continues to thin out. This paper discusses the modeling and simulation of hybrid power generator system consisting of wind power and diesel generator. Each component associated with this generating system is modeled and simulated in order to investigate the performance of the proposed hybrid generation system. The variations in environmental condition can be analyzed easily and quickly and the changes in generating parameters can be clearly demonstrated using VisSim software. From the simulation results, the simulation model is made to follow the characteristics of wind power, diesel generator for the initial hybrid generation system.


Wind power, diesel generator, hybrid power, VisSim software

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