Evaluation of the ACR MRI Phantom for Quality Assurance Test of 1.5 T MRI Scanner in Awal Bros Hospital Makassar

Purwanto Purwanto, B. Abdullah, S. Dewang, D. Tahir


Image quality of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) using phantom standard American College of Radiology (ACR) at Awal Bros Hospital Makassar have been studied by using MRI GE type Brivo 355 with strong magnetic field 1.5 Tesla. Phantom heads and standard protocols use the (ACR) standard with an evaluation of seven parameters. Geometric accuracy test results by measuring the height of phantom cylinder in 129.5 mm while the diameter of cylinder in phantom with three measurements obtained value 202.7 mm, 203.0 mm and 202.2 mm. The measurement of high-contrast spatial resolution to distinguish the smallest object on the image is that three rows of holes can be distinguished. Test for determination of the thickness of the slice by calculating the length of the upper and lower signal lane obtained the thickness value of 5.414 mm and 5,439 mm. The measurement of uniformity of image intensity by measuring the value of PUI (Percent Uniformity Integral) for T1W image weighting is 94.3% while for weighting T2W image yields 95.9%. For value of percent signal  ghosting obtained value 0.01706. The last parameter of object detection with low contrast is found 30 rows of holes can be evaluated.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ACR MRI phantom, MRI image quality, Quality Assurance

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