Determination of the Half-Value Layer by Using Filter Aluminum Sheets for Digital Mammography

M. Aswad, B. Abdullah, D. Tahir


A method of determining the half-value layers (HVL) with or without using an aluminum (Al) filter sheet for digital mammography has been developed. HVL measurements using a single exposure method are performed without the addition of an aluminium filter. This study was conducted to evaluate the accuracy of measurements of HVL values in a single exposure method using a RaySave ion space detector. a standard method with a variation in aluminium filter thickness from 0.110 to 0.980 mm. The HVL measurement values were performed with the distance between the focus of the detector 60.5 cm, and the current 80 mAs at a voltage of 23 kVp, 25 kVp, 27 kVp, 29 kVp and 32 kVp. The HVL value is determined by using the interpolation formula. The results showed that the HVL value using aluminium filter was 0.03 mm higher than the standard method by using multiple exposures for the same thickness of the aluminium filter.


HVL, Ion chamber, detector, RaySave

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