Classification of Age and Types of Gender Potential Seed Osteoarthritis Patients

A. Amir, S. Suryani, B. Abdullah, D. Tahir


This study aims to classify osteoarthritis patients based on age and sex on narrow cracks narrowing. The study was conducted with total samples of 36 diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis (knee OA) patients by a specialist in internal medicine. The sample of 36 OA patients was divided into 4 groups, namely group 1 (male aged), group 2 (male young age), group 3 (old woman), and group 4 (young woman). Data on knee joint size were analyzed by age and sex. The results of this study indicate that there is a difference in joint cracks size in the elderly male group (0.98 mm), the younger male group (1.05 mm), the elderly females group (0.84 mm), and the young females group (1.18 mm).


Osteoarthritis, joint cleft, knee

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