Analysis SEM the Chemical and Physics Composition of Used Rice Husks as an Absorber Plate

H. U. Syarif(1), D. A. Suriamihardja(2), M. Selintung(3), Abd. W. Wahab(4),

(1) Post Graduate Student of Civil Engineering Department, Hasanuddin University
(2) Lecturer of Phisics Department, Hasanuddin University
(3) Lecturer of Civil Engineering Hasanuddin University
(4) Lecturer of Natural Knowledge and Mathematic of Science, Hasanuddin University
Corresponding Author


Rice husk is a removal waste from its grain that can be used as an absorber in the distillation process using solar energy (sunlight) to convert seawater into clean water. This process will be supported by carrying out necessary study on the material properties to be used as the absorbent which is made of rice husk briquettes. The chemical composition of rice husk obtained after the process comparing to before the process of distillation using SEM. The study using SEM, there is an increase before and after the process distillation. For 100% Normalized Sum matrix is 2.37% (before the process) and 2.82% (after the process). It means that there is an increase percentage of about 0.45%.


Distillation; Briquettes Absorber; Rice Husk; Clean Water

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