The Optimization of Microbus-Based Public Transportation Facilities in Jayapura City

E. M. Bosawer, S. H. Aly, M. I. Ramli


Public transport services will work well if there is a balance between supply and demand. The research aimed to analyze the performance and the needs for the number of public transportation facilities based on the microbuses in Jayapura City. The types of the public transports, which would be discussed, were the microbuses which operated in 12 routes of the total routes of 26 in Jayapura city; those were B1, B2, B3, B4, J1, J2, K, I1, E, G, IA and I. The analyses of the performance and the demand for number of public transports were analyzed based on the load factor and the break event in accordance with the value of the vehicles operating costs (BOK) in setting tariffs. The research results indicated that the standard performance value of the public transport route code of K, I1, G, IA were categorized as less, while the routes of B1, B2, B3, B4, J1, J2, E and IB were categorized as medium. The microbuses demand was only 50% of the total microbuses now operating in Jayapura city.


load factor, performance, BOK, route, Jayapura

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