Evaluation Study of Medical Solid Waste Management in Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital

A. T. Lando, S. H. Aly, A. Zubair, I R Rahim, M Hustim, I. Djamaluddin, R. Ibrahim, R. Zakaria, M A Caronge


Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital is one of the hospitals which implemented medical waste management. This hospital is a public hospital and included in class B category according to PERMEN 340/MenKes/PER/III/2010. This category is based on quality, human resources, equipment, facilities and infrastructure, administration and management, and service capability of this hospital. Moreover, this hospital is adjacent with residential and office complex in Sungguminasa City. Therefore, the medical waste management in this hospital should be monitored and evaluated comparing with the government rules (Permenkes). The objectives of this research are to find out the quantity of medical solid waste generation and its characteristics, to ascertain the system of medical waste management, and to evaluate the system of medical solid waste management in Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital in accordance with the Indonesian Ministry of Health Regulation. The results of this research are: (1) The generation of medical solid waste in this hospital is 1,228 kg/month or 40.93 kg/day. There are five categories of medical solid waste generated in this hospital:  infectious, sharp, anatomical, chemical, and pharmaceutical waste. The most waste generated in this hospital is the infectious waste that is equal to 70%. While the least amount of waste generated is pharmaceutical waste that is equal to 2%; (2) Medical solid waste management system is conducted by sorting the waste which generated in each room/unit. Furthermore, these wastes are transported to the temporary dumpsite in hospital area. Then, these wastes are packaged and transported to the third party and/or processed in incinerator. The residual ash from incinerator was brought to temporary dumpsite of toxic and hazardous waste and third party; (3) The results of the evaluation of medical solid waste management system in Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital has been done well, in accordance with the Ministry of Health Regulation.


Waste, medical solid waste management, medical solid waste generation, Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital

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