Fountain of Hasanuddin University Campus in Gowa as a Focal Point and a Thermal Control

M. S. Latif, J. Zulkarnain, S. Syam, R. A. Ishak


In architectural designs, ponds and the like generally have a primary function other than as an aesthetic element, it also becomes the thermal controller of the surrounding environment. Hasanuddin University Campus in Gowa has a fountain pool located at the front entrance of Library Building and Center of Technology (CoT) Building. In fact, the existence of this fountain pond is relatively not become the attraction for people who pass around the pool area. Physically the function as a thermal controller is also not felt by those around them. This study finds out why the design of fountain ponds did not work as a focal point of the visual design composition? Why does not the fountain pool serve as a thermal controller from the surrounding environment? What should be done so that the expected fountain pool function as a focal point and as a thermal controller can be achieved? The results show that the existence of a fountain does not succeed to be a campus focal point because the visual design composition ignores the site requirements and visual elements that influence people to direct the view toward the fountain.


Pond, architecture, design, visual composition, Unhas

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