Coliform Distribution Around The Antang Landfill Soil Makassar City, South Sulawesi

A. Artiningsih, H. Zubair, A. M. Imran, S. Widodo


Tamangapa Antang landfill in its operation was conducted by open dumping, which potentially contaminate the surrounding soil. Research has been conducted on the distribution of Coliform bacteria as soil contaminants around Antang Landfill in Makassar City. This research aimed to determine to what extent the distribution of Coliform bacteria contaminate the soil around Antang Landfill. The sampling was divided into 4 Lines, 2 Lines were in the direction of the groundwater flow (Line A and Line C) and 2 Lines were perpendicular to the groundwater flow (Line B and Line D), at the depth of 0 to 10 cm, 10 to 20 cm and 20 to 30 cm. Samples were analyzed using Nutrient Agar and Biochemical Test method. The results show that Coliform Bacteria have spread vertically on Topsoil. The highest abundance population of Coliform bacteria was detected in Line B (240 cfu/gr) at 10 to 20 cm depth, Line D (210 cfu/gr) at 0 to 10 cm depth, Line A (110 cfu/gr) at 10 to 20 cm depth and Line B (23 cfu/gr) at 0 to 10 cm depth. The abundance of Coliform bacteria in the soil is very potential to contaminate the bio-soil environment, plants, damage the soil surface and structure around the Antang Landfill.


Antang Landfill, Open Dumping, Topsoil, Coliform bacteria, Makassar

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