Development of IoT Based Smart Irrigation System with Programmable Logic Controller

Ivony Hari, Elita Rahmarestya, Harsono Harsono


Smart irrigation system is an automatic irrigation and monitoring system on agricultural land with a sensor, automation, and control technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT). This system can reduce the agricultural activities that were previously performed manually into an automatic system with a reduced human supervision. Smart Irrigation systems that are widely developed used Arduino as the controller. Arduino still lacks in response, low durability, and sensitivity to temperature change, hence requiring frequent maintenance to avoid weather disturbances, insects, and others. This paper presents a development of a smart irrigation system using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as the controller and a soil moisture sensor as a humidity condition measurement tool. The advantage of using PLC as a controller is more stable and has sensor compatibility with higher accuracy. Hence the results are more consistent and accurate. The PLC system is expandable, allowing for the inclusion of more channels for sensors and other measurement instruments. The developed system can collect data on soil moisture conditions, trigger valves, and perform auto irrigation using sprinklers, reducing or even eliminating the need for human intervention. The IoT collects data from sensors and updates the data into a database system, allowing users to monitor the land conditions in real-time. The developed system was predicted to save manpower (20%) and water usage (42.47%) compared to the conventional method.


Keywords: Smart Irrigation; IoT; PLC; Moisture Sensor; Sprinkler


Smart Irrigation; IoT; PLC; Moisture Sensor; Sprinkler

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