Effect of Sugarcane Litter Compost on Soil Compaction

Iqbal Iqbal


Intensive agricultural land use tends to reduce the content of organic matter in soil. Organic content in the soil affects the soil's ability to bind water and the efficiency of fertilizer absorption by plants. It’s as well as an important source of nutrients for plants. Therefore, the addition of organic matter in the form of compost (from sugarcane litter) is very important for maintaining the productivity of agricultural land. Use of compost as organic fertilizer on agricultural land is expected to contribute in improving soil structure and increased the production. The aims of the research are to analyze the effect of compost on the physical and mechanical properties of soil and growth of sugarcane (ratoon). The study was conducted on the sugarcane plantations dry land by measuring the physical and mechanical properties of the soil before and after treatment. Parameters measured include: organic matter content, soil moisture content, bulk density and penetration resistance. The data collection of sugarcane growth and soil fertility is done at 4th months old sugarcane (ratoon). The results showed the application of compost increases levels of organic C and N respectively 8% and 21% within 4 months. The use of compost has positive effect on physical and mechanical properties of the soil. It’s indicated by bulk density values were decreased (treatment 15 tons/ha of 1:32 g/cc at baseline to 1.1 g/cc at the final of the study). The average growth of sugarcane with compost is better than without the compost on high growth aspect (53.7 cm vs. 51.1 cm) and larger trunk diameter (1.4 cm vs. 1.0 cm).


Sugarcane litter; compost; sugarcane; physical and mechanical properties of soil

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20956/ijas.v6i1.1376


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