Sustainable Land Management and Added Value Enhancement of Agricultural Superior Commodities

Sri Jumiyati, Rajindra Rajindra, A. Nixia Tenriawaru, Abdul Hadid, Darwis Darwis


Cocoa and candlenuts are prime plantation crops of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, especially Sigi Regency. They have comparative advantages, among others, due to the availability of land that has not been utilized optimally and is in the area with a support climate and the availability of labor. In addition, it also has a competitive advantage in the form of product price competitiveness in local, national and international markets. The management of land must be adapted to the sustainable and sustainable energy sector in sovereignty. This study aims to recommend and analyze the optimization of land management models that implement conservation techniques by cocoa agroforestry with candlenuts. The study employed Linier Programming Method. The results show that optimizing of farmers income by agroforestry pattern of cocoa is higher than the monoculture of cocoa. Recommended innovation of planting patterns models is expected to further optimize the efficiency of sustainable land management by farmers around the forest. Sustainable land management strategies by cultivating cacao and candlenut crops through agroforestry patterns can also increase the added value Income at the farm level by IDR. 2,625/kg or 65.6% is due to more acceptance and lack of production and marketing costs as well as output quantities, output prices.


Land management; sustainable; added value

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